• The partners have successfully launched the project in March 2020

    The consoritum had our first, kickoff meeting through the online tool Teams, on March 30 and 31 2020. Through events like this we get to know each other better, we are strengthening our mutual trust and we make foundations for a fruitful future cooperation.
    During the meeting we have reviewed the social dialogue (SD) activities on national levels and exchanged our opinions. We have made concrete plans for our future tasks. We have started our preparatory activities – national social dialogue capacity researches, covering current issues and trends in sectoral SD and comparison with sectoral multiannual SD action plan. We are going to perform 4 such joint researches – 3 desk and 1 field research, which will be followed by 4 thematic reports.

  • First Capacity Building Event in the SUSODCO project: 9 and 16 December 2020 (virtual event via ZOOM tool)

The Susodco consortium is pleased to invite you to the first Capacity Building Event, aimed at equipping social dialogue partners with crucial capacities to support the industrial relations in Central and South-eastern Europe. Please find attached the Invitation and the Draft agenda.
This is the first out of four Capacity Building Events, conducted within the framework of SuSodCo project. The latter is devoted to improve the strategic planning and the communication skills of national social dialogues partners in the construction sector in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia. The consecutive virtual events are divided into two sessions – seminars and workshops. The seminars will involve prominent panelists and trainers to illustrate the recent European social dialogue trends and polish participants’ communication and digital skills. The workshops will bring participants together in interactive sessions, role plays and attractive scenarios to practice the acquired knowledge.
The themes of the other 3 planned Capacity Building Events (seminar + workshop) are following:
- 09 Dec and 16 Dec 2020: Recent trends and future of social dialogue. Integrating the Multiannual Social Dialogue Programme nationally.
Apr 2021: The importance of the Communication strategy for effective social dialogue.
June 2021: The digitalization of the economy within the social dialogue agenda and digital skills.
September 2021: The essence of the communication skills used for implementation of social dialogue. Polishing partners’ skills gaps.
All Capacity Building Events are targeted at trade unions, employers’ organizations and other social dialogue partners at national, regional and European level. The events are suitable for CEOs, HR consultants, legal officers, negotiation group members and experts involved in industrial relations in the construction sector. 
We look forward to seeing you in our online capacity building sessions.